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Would you live on a boat?

The Beauty of Living on a Boat:

  • Scenery constantly changes and much of it is spectacular

  • Visiting so many unique cities and islands in different countries

  • Spontaneous sightings of dolphins, flying fish and whales

  • Option to dine al fresca 24/7

  • Lots of fresh air, wind and sun

  • Being gently rocked to sleep every night

  • Very peaceful and relaxing when sailing

  • Can stop by any interesting beach or anchorage at our whim

  • Meeting fellow boaters from all over the world

  • Constantly learning new things and becoming better sailors

  • Stunning sun rises and sunsets

  • Amazing display of stars at night in the middle of the sea

  • Family bonding and teamwork at its finest

  • Nice to escape the everyday realities of COVID-19

The Challenges of Living on a Boat:

  • Traveling/sailing direction and timing dictated by winds/weather

  • There is a ton of boat maintenance; things break so easily and frequently and sometimes the location of the repair facility dictates where we go next and how long we stay. Not all repair facilities are in scenic areas.

  • Very pricey between boat maintenance and repairs, supplies, fuel, marina fees & insurance

  • Constantly need to be alert of what is a “normal” boat sound and what isn’t and anything that looks unusual with our lines (sheets & halyards), cotter pins, shackles, anchor, sails, etc.

  • Also on a constant lookout for fishing buoys/nets and anything that can mess up our rudder, including whales (has been a recent nuisance with boaters, as these mammals have found a new game called, “Break the Boat Rudders.”)

  • In the Mediterranean, larger cities have not allowed us to bring a dinghy in, so sometimes we cannot get on land unless we dock at a marina, but many are private. (This will not be an issue in the Caribbean)

  • Seasickness is always a possibility, but we are well equipped with patches and medication. If we don’t need to be anywhere on a specific date, we can wait until seas are calmer before we venture out.

  • While under sail, one must always hold onto something while walking around.

  • Getting a decent WiFi connection in a marina is rare and virtually nonexistent when we are sailing.


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