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Rainbow Gallery

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Besides stunning sunsets, the Caribbean brings frequent brief rain showers along with incredible rainbows and an occasional double rainbow. We are still on the lookout for a triple rainbow! As we sail further north into the Leeward islands, we will continue to update this gallery as we capture more rainbows.

On our sail out of Martinique, we were treated to this magical scenery.

Double rainbow in St. Lucia - notice the second rainbow is a reflection of the main rainbow, so colors are reversed.

"Welcome to Grenada" double rainbow greeted the Helios crew on their final stretch of the Atlantic Crossing into the Port Louie Marina in St. George.

(L-R). Mary & Claire, Lindsey & Emma, and Megan basking in the colors of the rainbow.

Gallery 1 (St. Lucia-St. Vincent & the Grenadines-Grenada-Martinique-Guadeloupe)

Gallery 2 (Guadeloupe-Antigua)

Gallery 3 (Antigua - St. Maarten)

Gallery 4 (St. Maarten - St. Thomas)


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