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Italian Gelato Competition

When in Rome, do as the Roman's do - indulge in gelato. Given our insatiable love of ice cream, and the fact that the average Italian gelato is far superior to the best American ice cream, we felt that our 5 weeks of gelato rankings throughout Italy was a worthy blog post topic.

The rankings were fiercely rigorous, with only the occasional guest participant allowed to influence the three primary judges of Dale, Christine and Megan. For each of the 12 gelaterias visited, careful attention was paid to scoring four criteria: (G) the Generosity of the portions, factoring in price; (V) the Variety, uniqueness and creativity of flavors; (T) the Taste and general quality of the product, including texture; and (A) the Aesthetics of the gelateria shop, including decor and service quality.

The effort was too grueling for Christine and Megan to sample every gelateria visited, so several excellent shops that Dale visited alone have been excluded from our rankings above. The photos below show just how grueling it was.


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