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Greek Islands Photo Tour

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Lindos, Rhodes with Acropolis in background

We have been sailing the Greek Islands since the beginning of July and have barely scratched the surface of the over 2,000 unique islands of which only 227 are inhabited. In all, we have visited at least 22 islands! Our Greek Island journey will end mid-Sept. (at the end of our Schengen limit) so we will store Helios in Didim, Turkiye (formerly Turkey) and a non-Schengen country. Next May 2024, the general plan is to resume sailing, explore a little more of Turkiye, sail back through the Greek Islands and finally make it to the Amalfi Coast.

We plan to visit four out of the six main island groups in Greece, each with its own unique architecture, culture, history and activities:

  1. Ionian Islands (Corfu, Paxos, Antipaxos, Zakynthos)

  2. Dodecanese Islands (Crete, Rhodes, Symi, Tilos, Kos, Kalymnos)

  3. Cyclades Islands (Naxos, Paros, AntiParos, Amorgos, Thirasia, Santorini, Ios, Irakleia, Sikinos, Koufonisi)

  4. Saronic Islands (Angistri, Poros)

  5. North Aegean Islands (not on 2023 itinerary)

  6. Sporades Islands (not on 2023 itinerary)

Below is a photo tour of most of the islands we have visited in reverse chronological order, with the most recently visited one being first. I will keep updating this blog as we island hop (I'm a bit behind = more to come soon!). After our 3-week escape to Montenegro, Corfu (Ionian Island) was where we began our tour of the Greek Islands.


Oia, Santorini where we spent part of our honeymoon exactly 25 years ago

Row 1: View from Oia looking south towards caldera, Dawn in Oia

Row 2: Central Oia, Canaves Oia Hotel - door to room where we stayed on our honeymoon in 1998

Row 3: View from our Caldrea House hotel balcony, Night time in Oia

Row 4: 25th Anniversary breakfast on our balcony, View from hotel looking north



Anniversary Dinner at Roka in Oia, Santorini


Thirasia Anchorage, Helios is the second boat in the foreground, Santorini Island in the background

Row 1: Horseshoe-shaped bay, View of Helios from Captain John's Restaurant, Trail above village

Row 2: Christine on steep trail, Trail from village to residential area, Dale in the neighborhood


Tiny port of Sikinos

Row 1: Steep hike up to Church of Panagia

Row 2: Church of Panagia front entrance, One of the parishoners, Interior of church

Row 3: Entrance for midgets, Steep hike back down to harbor, Ferry wake near Helios

Row 4: Scenery by Helios, Helios anchored


View of Chora town in Ios

Row 1: Sunset dinner with panoramic view, Cafe in Chora, Greek Orthodox Church

Row 2: Cruising Ios in a dune buggy, Bee keeping boxes, Stunning bay view from outdoor theater

Row 3: Homer's Tomb, Octopus displayed at a seaside restaurant, Hot-rodder Dale


The 1988 movie, "The Big Blue" was filmed here on Amorgos Island

Snorkeling around the Olympia shipwreck which sank in February, 1980


Livadi Beach Anchorage

Dale displying a line that got tangled in our rudder, Livaidi Beach, Ram on the mountainside


AntiParos waterfront

Row 1: Immaculate pedestrian walkways of AntiParos

Row 2: White-washed shop and church along the water front

Row 3: AntiParos harbor, One of many high-end shops

Row 4: Over 50 kite-surfers and wind surfers skimming the water, Residences in AntiParos


View of residential area of Paros from our anchorage in Paroikia Bay

Row 1: Dale enjoying his daily gelato indulgence, Old Town Paros alleys

Row 2: Seaside dinner, Stunning sunset, Night out in Old Town

Row 3: St. Constantine Panoramic Church in Old Town


View of Naxos town from Temple of Apollo

Row 1: Naxos town waterfront, Helios in Naxos Marina, Metaxi Mas Taverna

Row 2: Hidden cafes and shops up and down twisty alleyways, where you can become disoriented

Row 3: Temple of Apollo, Dinner at Avaton on the roof of the Old Monastery of Ursulines, Naxos town framed by Temple of Apollo


Kalymnos busy waterfront. Kalymnos Island is just west of Kos.

Row 1: Kalymnos fjords, Stew preparing to snorkel, Christine paddleboarding by cave

Row 2: Kalymnos town harbor, Old town, One of many churches

Row 3: Town square with mosaics, Greek flag painted on mountain side, View from Helios


Kos Castle

Row 1: Kos Park Entrance, Stroll into Kos Old Town, Archeological ruins in Kos Town

Row 2: Lindsey Shopping in Kos Old Town, Old Market Kos, Sunset in Kos

Row 3: Kos waterfront, Kos Island Marina, Christine and Dale working hard


Stopped by this quaint Greek Island of Symi on our way to Turkiye

Row 1: Overnight at this stunning anchorage with crystal clear water, just south of town

Row 2: Symi town, View of Helios from above (2nd from right), 500-Step stroll down from dinner

Row 3: Helios docked in town, Sponge and spice shop, Sunrise over anchorage


St. James Bay on the west side of Lindos Acropolis

Row 1: Rhodes Old Town, Entrance to Palace of the Grand Masters, Palace of the Grand Masters

Row 2: Palace courtyard, Rhodes Street of the Knights, Plunge pool at Spirit of the Knights Hotel

Row 3: Town of Lindos, View of anchorage from Acropolis, Lindos beach front

Row 4: Lindos Acropolis, Christine and Dale at the Acropolis with Helios in the background


View from our favorite berth in Chania, along a pedestrian walkway lined with cafes