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Atlantic Crossing (Preparations)

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

We had a full week at the Las Palmas Marina in the Canary Islands for final preparations before the start of our Atlantic crossing. The crew and some contractors were busy every day with a long list of chores. Some examples:

From left to right: Jonno patching our trade wind sail, Megan decorating the boat for pre-rally festivities, Erik polishing the metal fittings.

From left to right: Christine preparing 8 dinners for the freezer, Megan unclogging the bilge pump under her bunk, Dan conducting an inventory of provisioned food.

Dale testing the replacement toilet, ultimately deciding the nav station wasn't the best place for it.

We maintained the below, running task list on the dining table for that week, constantly adding items and ultimately completing all the necessary ones.

Our Pre-Departure Checklist

Some of the more important items on the list above included:

  1. Repair the broken mainsail sheet block that blew out the prior week

  2. Service the engines (oil and filter changes)

  3. Purchase and mount a new life raft (we couldn't repair and repack the accidentally deployed life raft in time for our departure)

  4. Setup satellite email and weather forecast download capability

  5. Stem-to-stern loose screw check

  6. Pre-clear boat and crew entry with Grenada customs

  7. Purchase and administer required Grenada pre-entry COVID-19 tests

  8. Purchase Caribbean electronic charts

  9. Repair the trade wind sail

  10. Purchase emergency water

  11. Test man-overboard beacons on each of our life jackets

  12. Test the boat's EPIRB emergency signaling device

  13. Purchase a spare halyard, engine fluids, spare parts, etc. (lots of marine store visits)

  14. Fuel the boat (tanks hold 1,000 liters)

  15. Repair broken stern life-lines

  16. Reorganize tools and spare parts

  17. Pass the ARC+ safety inspection

  18. Fix the trade wind sail fuller ratchet

  19. Install jack lines (nylon webbing around the boat's perimeter for attaching our safety harnesses when walking the decks in heavy weather)

  20. Rig a boom jibe preventer

  21. Refill cooking gas canisters

  22. and about 2 dozen other tasks....


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