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Food (France, Portugal, Spain)

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

A few of the many delicious meals we ate from July - September, when we were in France, Portugal, and Spain. (Pictures not in specific order)

Of course we had to try Tapas in Spain! Pictured above are pork and beef tacos (our favorite dish of the day), an octopus salad, and Spanish omelettes. Although the octopus tasted like chicken, the hard-to-chew texture didn't really do it for me. We also tried almond soup with gelato, squid fritters, the "red devil" (chorizo sliders), and many other interesting tapas.

A popular olive stand in a produce market. Best olives we have ever had!

The Portuguese are definitely into different types of toast. Many restaurants offered avocado and egg toast, salmon toast, spinach toast, and other varieties. Portugal is also known for their egg tarts. The original type has a crisp flaky crust with a custard-like filling, and they also offered some with Nutella on top.

Before Chef Christine came aboard, Megan and Dale made do with their limited cooking abilities and made salad, ready-made chicken, pasta, and frozen pizzas for most of their meals. At least we tried to make it look nice!

We have found that European salads are quite delicious!


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