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Are We There Yet?

The day that we stamped out of Italy, we were told by the coast guard to "leave immediately, and don't stop until you are out of the country".

So, we embarked on a 6 day non-stop passage to Montenegro. Because we didn't have the luxury of finding the right weather window (with the best winds), we ended up motoring for the majority of the passage with winds between 0 and 8 knots.

Below are some photos and videos highlighting a few parts of our journey

Calm waters and beautiful sunrises!

Figuring out how to use our drone for the first time - a lot harder than it looks to take off and land on a moving boat! There were many moments of panic and scrambling around the boat to catch the drone after its crash landings.

Although we took a 45 second video, this was the only frame that showed our boat :)

First pic: Our charts showing Helios about 1 day after we left Sardinia.

Second pic: Using the Windy app to see what the winds will be like throughout our passage

Third pic: Tide charts for the Messina Strait. We wanted to make sure we were sailing through the straits when the current was going north to south.

It wouldn't be an open water passage without dolphins playing on our bow



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