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A Tour of Helios

What you've all been waiting for... a look around our home for the next year.

(Note: Each photo appearing below is the first in a series of 3 or 4 photos behind it. Click the right arrow on each picture to scroll through the series.)

A Look from the Outside

Starting from the aft of Helios, our boat has a hydraulic dinghy platform that lowers when we need to take our dinghy out. Stairs lead up from each hull into the cockpit, which has a sun bed and the "door" to Megan's bedroom on the port side, a table and couch on the starboard side, and the main sliding doors in the center which lead to the galley/dining area and the other bedrooms.

There are stairs leading from the cockpit to the flybridge, where the helm is located. This is where we are usually at when we are sailing. The flybridge contains all of the lines for the sails, the helm, and a sun bed behind it that can convert into benches and a table.

The bow of Helios contains two nets for lounging, although it can get pretty wet when under sail. There are many storage compartments under the bow hatches (for fenders, tools, spare parts, extra line and chain, an extra anchor, all of our anchor chain, cleaning supplies, etc...), and another couch area.

A Look from the Inside

Each of our boat's 2 hulls has 2 bedrooms with a connected bathroom. The aft Starboard hull has the master cabin, where Christine and Dale sleep, and a guest room 3 steps across the hallway in the forward part of the hull. The bedroom in the Port aft hull (Megan's room) is technically dubbed "The Captain's cabin", because you can only access it from the cockpit and not from inside the boat. The Port forward guest bedroom is similar to that of the Starboard guest room.

Walking through the cockpit sliding doors, the chart table is on the far side of the room. The galley is on the port (left) side, as well as steps leading down to a guest room. On the starboard side is the main dining room area, with steps leading to a guest room and the master cabin.


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Ram Gollakota
Ram Gollakota
Oct 16, 2021



Oct 15, 2021

Which one is my room? I am excited to visit!


Brad Housour
Brad Housour
Oct 01, 2021

Looking good !!


Sep 23, 2021

thanks for the onboard tour. It very spacious, due to two hulls.

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